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  1. ADDED - ALERTS - Daily Pivot Point Alerts
  2. ADDED - CHART TRADING - SETTINGS option to allow saving Auto-Transmit setting (requires prompt, password)
  3. ADDED - CHART TRADING - option to not to show the order price on Y axis (SETTINGS/CHARTS/Display)
  4. ADDED - CHART TRADING - order capsule - add "Fixed Window Position" for order / position capsules
  5. ADDED - COMMSEC - Intraday and Historical backfill (2 days / 10 years)
  6. ADDED - Charts - Add an optional hover price tooltip on the chart
  7. ADDED - HIST CHART - Auto backfill again after session close
  8. ADDED - IND - Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHC)
  9. ADDED - OPTION CHAIN - NEAR THE MONEY - option to restrict # of strikes on either side of current underlying price
  10. ADDED - TRADING - SETTING option to NOT require password prompt (requires prompt, password to set)
  11. FIXED - CLEAR EXPIRED data - triggers request for FULL QUOTE. With TDA datafeed, that forced reconnects and slowed things down.
  12. FIXED - Charts - If an indicator has a signal of 1, do not show it (it is same as the main value)
  13. FIXED - Charts - Indicator hover highlighting, when done on upper charts, would not un-highlight
  14. FIXED - Check For Updates - not showing error if download problem
  15. FIXED - IB - disconnects due to incorrect decimal handling on computers with non-US culture setting.
  16. FIXED - IQFeed L1 feed - volatility was not showing correctly
  17. FIXED - OPTION CHAIN - OUT OF THE MONEY Display is incorrect
  18. FIXED - PORTFOLIO - TILE View - Dragging tiles between groups causes errors, problems.
  19. FIXED - RAW DATA - problem with showing blank rows in some situations
  20. FIXED - SITE SETTINGS - Order Settings / TIF - reset to DAY for All/Stocks (IB)
  21. FIXED - TRADING - When Account View and Trade Tickets open, and load a layout that has those windows in it, they are duplicated
  22. FIXED - WEBSITE/APP - When changing email on the app account, the user settings files previously needed to be updated manually. MT now handles everything automatically
And a number of other bug fixes too detailed to list
  1. ADDED - ALERTS - Fibonacci Retracement and Expansion Alerts similar to Trendline alerts
  2. ADDED - ALERTS - Implemented Daily High - Low Price Range alert
  3. ADDED - ALERTS - Implemented Daily Range Price Pt Cross alert
  4. ADDED - CHART TRADING - show Daily Unrealized P&L on Positions Capsule
  5. ADDED - CHARTS - "Adjust for Dividends" option for historical chart
  6. ADDED - Charts - LEFT to RIGHT Fill: added "Show Entire Last Day" on chart VIEW / Options...
  7. ADDED - QuoteGrid - Purchase Date Column
  8. ADDED - TRADING - "Do not prompt again" checkbox on trade confirmation (Turns off "Confirm all transactions before submitting" on SETTINGS/Trading
  9. ADDED - TRADING - SETTINGS - QUANTITY RULES - Made them Symbol Type specific, like Order Settings
  10. FIXED - ALERTS - Orphan trendline alerts were still monitored during the session when they were removed.
  11. FIXED - ALERTS - TRENDLINE Alert triggering issues when quotes hit exactly at the start of the session
  12. FIXED - ALERTS - TRENDLINE Alert would not get triggered by first tick of the day
  13. FIXED - APP - Deadlock on startup in rare situations.
  14. FIXED - APP RESTART - not working if Auto-Backup is set to occur on close
  15. FIXED - CHART Indicator Parameters - causing errors when some values changed out of allowed range
  16. FIXED - CHART TRADING - Short Sell order shows with negative QTY on the Transaction capsule
  17. FIXED - CHART TRADING - Transaction capsule overlapping positions cap when new order entered outside the chart
  18. FIXED - CHART TRADING - if Partial fill area above the capsule is wide, it overlaps the Cancel and Modify circles
  19. FIXED - CHARTS - HIST CHART - Events Adjust Scale with "show full info" option screws up the Y axis scale.
  20. FIXED - CHARTS - SPIKE FILTER - Exclude Symbols not working right when changed in the middle of a session
  21. FIXED - Charts - DRAW - Removing Alert option from a trendline sometimes removes the trendline too
  22. FIXED - Charts - INLINE Charts - not working correctly in some situations when the symbol had less data than the required amount
  23. FIXED - DISPLAY - Custom DPI display issue (Large font display systems) with TILE display and dashboard
  24. FIXED - LEVEL II - Option Symbol Selector button was not showing
  25. FIXED - RAW DATA - rows jumped a bit when scrolled down so not showing current.
  26. FIXED - TRADING - Account View locking up for seconds at a time when large # of transactions and partial fills
  27. FIXED - TRADING - POSITIONS (TDA) Option symbol GAIN $ not showing correctly
  28. FIXED - TRADING - Performance issue when updating Positions screen, small delay when updating either positions or transactions, impacting all trading windows
  29. FIXED - TRADING - Settings - OAuth sites - various issues cleaned up
  30. FIXED - TRADING - Tradier, TradeKing - Positions not auto updated after transaction execution
  1. ADDED - CHARTS - Compare To Symbol - a parameter for simple overlay, like with linked indicators when scales don't match
  2. ADDED - CHARTS - DRAW - DELETE ALERT TRENDLINE - an option to not show prompt.
  3. ADDED - CHARTS - Linked Indicators - Unsynced option to leave the scales unsynced (Select Indicators screen, click 2nd time on link line, or right click)
  4. ADDED - CHARTS - Sync Open Charts Right-Click Menu - Made it into a Sub-Menu, same as the ribbon dropdown
  5. ADDED - Charts - DRAW - TEXT - Allow to be fixed to a particular chart WINDOW location, regardless of data
  6. ADDED - HIST CHARTS - EVENTS - Changed to use E, D or S instead of a star to indicate an event. and added position choices.
  7. ADDED - Portfolio - TILES with Charts and Inline Charts - allow 2 days.
  8. ADDED - QuoteGrid - "Turn Off Sorting" option to the column header right click menu
  9. FIXED - ALERTS - Changed to enable alerts on startup PRIOR TO loading Layouts.
  10. FIXED - ALERTS - HIGH Alert not triggering if symbol backfilled before quotes are on, while it has no data.
  11. FIXED - ALERTS - TRADE SIZE - Made it check the volume increase by at least same amount (to avoid odd lots triggering alert)
  12. FIXED - CHART TRADING - Drag increments were not following minimum tick requirements.
  13. FIXED - CHART TRADING - Increments in Price Spin fields didn't always conform to symbol requirements
  14. FIXED - CHART TRADING - Unsent orders outside chart range should always adjust scale
  15. FIXED - CHART TRADING - when updating GTC/GTD order, make sure to send the same TIF unless it was changed.
  16. FIXED - CHARTS - Fibonacci Expansions were showing incorrect numbers
  17. FIXED - CHARTS - Forced a full quote after clearing data on a symbol, so that HIGH/LOW values would be re-retrieved
  18. FIXED - CHARTS - LOCKUP when changing compare to symbol SYMBOL via parameter editor right on the chart vs Indicator Selection screen
  19. FIXED - CHARTS - Performance improvement when full redraw is required (frequency, chart type change)
  20. FIXED - CHARTS - Tick charts not working for "No Volume" symbols (forex)
  21. FIXED - IB Option Chains for futures - were only retrieving the front month options
  22. FIXED - IB TRADING - sometimes connecting as ClientID 63 even when 0 is not used.
  23. FIXED - Login sync between quote and trading accounts
  24. FIXED - OPTION CHAIN - if off the screen, it was subscribing to ALL symbols in the chain instead of just visible ones.
  25. FIXED - TRADING - IB - Symbol Type specific trading preferences were not stored correctly
  26. FIXED - Tip Of the Day window - Next and Previous not working
  27. Various other fixes
Initial PRODUCTION Release
  1. ADDED - CHARTS - Fibonacci Expansions
  2. ADDED - SOCKS 4/5 Proxy support
  3. FIXED - CHARTS - Performance issue, particularly when opening new charts
  4. Various other fixes