Frequently Asked Questions


We will try to cover most common questions here. If your question is not covered here, please feel visit our User Forums or email us.

Yes, you do. All you need is fill out our signup form, providing your name, email, and setting the password for your account.

This applies to all users, even those using free or trial versions. Certain settings and parameters for Medved Trader are stored with your account on our servers, and need to be retrieved on startup of the program.

See also our Privacy Policy.
Medved Trader (MT) uses encryption for communication with it's own servers, as well as with various brokers. It always uses exactly the same encryption as the web browser or your broker's app. All communication is between MT Application and whatever datafeed or broker you select. It does not go through MT servers. All user settings are stored encrypted using latest industry-standard methods with a key specific to your account. All passwords are further encrypted (so they are encrypted twice)
We provide very fast support to all Medved Trader clients, regardless of what subscription level (if any) that you are signed up for. You can

  • Email your questions to
  • post on our forums

    we monitor them closely and answer all questions posted. You can also browse the forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered.
  • We believe in separation of labor. Brokerages' primary area of expertise is managing your account and submitting your trades to the exchanges. Our primary area of expertise is creating great software for traders. We do what we do best and let brokerages do what they do best. Medved Trader has fantastic charting and trading interface that provides you with the tools you need and the speed you require, without cluttering up your screen with useless toolbars and other wasted space.

    Another advantage to using Medved Trader is a consistent interface to all brokerages and data sources. Switching from one data source or brokerage to another, or using multiple sources, or trading through multiple accounts with different brokerages is seamless.
    We're not affiliated with any brokerage in particular. Medved Trader is an independent product, not owned by any brokerage. MT does connect to various brokerages both for market data and for trading, and we do have agreements with some brokerages.
    No. We provide a cutting edge trading platform and let the brokers or datafeed vendors do what they do best - provide the reliable datafeeds. Medved Trader allows you to connect to multiple brokers and datafeeds at the same time or switch between them. This also cuts down on your costs: if your broker is supported by MT and provides a datafeed, why pay again for another one?
    No. Medved Trader is a Windows application and requires Windows Vista or higher (Windows 7 or Windows 10 recommended)
    The alert system in Medved Trader is passive - that is, the alerts themselves only monitor thew data that is coming in, but do not initiate a connection if none is already there. That means that in order for alerts on a particular symbol to fire, the data for that symbol needs to be streaming in. Best way to ensure that is to have the symbol in some open portfolio and getting quotes.
    Yes. Add the "Compare To Symbol" indicator to the chart and specify the symbol you want to add in the Indicator Parameters
    Free accounts get "Premium" access (unrestricted) for the first month, in order to let you get the full Medved Trader experience. If you do not sign-up for a paid subscription by then, Medved Trader will then work in "Free" Restricted mode. It will have the following restrictions:
    • Max 20 symbols in the portfolio/WatchList
    • Max 2 open portfolios
    • Max 2 Charts
    • Max 10 days on Intraday Charts
    • Max 3 Chart Indicators
    • Max 1 Level II screen
    • Max 1 trading account (this does not include data feed account)
    • Import Settings only if exported from your own account
    We try to make our subscriptions as risk free as possible, so our refund policy is very user friendly.

  • Any payment will be refunded in full if cancelled within 48 hours (this applies to both initial and recurring payments).

  • For cancellations after 48 hours, your usage is rounded up to the nearest month and then unused portion refunded. LIFETIME subscriptions can only be cancelled within the first 120 days (our credit card processor's restriction)

    For example, if an annual subscription is cancelled in the middle of Month 3, you will be billed for a 4 months. The refund will be 179.99 - 19.99 x 4 = $100.03. And the subscription will expire at the end of the 4th month, at which time it will become a "Free" account.